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The FRA is the leading voice of enlisted Sea Service personnel on Capitol Hill and has
been since 1924.

 A Congressionally chartered, non-profit organization that represents the interests of the Sea Service community before the U.S. Congress, the Association’s membership is comprised of current and former enlisted members of the U.S. Navy, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard. FRA was chartered as the Fleet
Reserve Association in 1924 and, after more than 80 years, FRA remains dedicated to its primary mission of serving the interests of current and former enlisted Navy, Marine Corps and Coast Guard personnel. 

In addition to its legislative advocacy efforts, FRA assists its members with career problems by maintaining close liaison with the Departments of Defense, Veterans Affairs, Homeland Security, and other government agencies. FRA continues to educate members of Congress, many of whom have little or no military experience, on the challenges facing career personnel. 


  FRA presents a strong, unified voice to ensure that enlisted issues are heard by Congress and urges support for legislation to increase pay and benefits.

FRA believes in the following principles:

Loyalty: The loyalty one owes to God and country, loyalty to the Navy, Marine Corps and Coast Guard, to their glorious traditions, and the loyalty one owes their shipmates.

Protection: Protection of one’s country by advocating an adequate Navy, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard to ensure peace; to provide protection to our shipmates who have served or are now serving, by furthering or sponsoring measures beneficial to all.

Service: The rendering of service in every possible way to our members and their families.

Upcoming Events

  • 17 March 21 - Branch Meeting, American Legion Hall, 1830, Also on Zoom. VIP RPWC Hanzel
  • ​21 April 21 - Branch meeting, American Legion Hall, 1830, Also on ZOOM 
  • 93rd FRA National Convention, Mirabeau Park Hotel and Convention Center in Spokane Valley, Washington. October 2 - 9 October 21

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